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Classic car restoration

Classic Car restoration

Our specialization is classic car restoration. We also do provide all services that an advanced auto service can provide: repair of passenger cars and vans, repair of crash cars, assistance 24h, car body repair, chassis maintenance, comprehensively replacement of sweet metal parts, varnishing of passenger cars and vans, cosmetics and polishing.

Car repair - car service in Poland

Car repair

Repair of passenger cars and vans. Repair of crash cars. Comprehensive replacement of body parts. Body repair and chassis maintenance. Varnishing of passenger cars and vans. Cosmetics and polishing.

Car Maintenance

We control the state of all liquids in the car, so that customers do not have to worry about additional costs. In our case we make all current repairs related to the normal operation of your car. We strive to eliminate any malfunction within one working day, and as quickly as possible give the customer a car for use. Have you got a car bug? Do you wish to restore an old classic car? Are You searching for a vintage car restoration service? We will be happy to help. Please contact us or visit our workshop in Rumia at Kosynierów Street 54 84-230.

VCAR Team car service in Poland

VCAR Team is a team of experienced Polish mechanics, founded in 2016. Since 2003 The company is based in Rumia, North Poland on the Baltic Sea. The team members have 10 years and more of experience. Vcar Team do have extensive experience and knowledge in the automotive industry and in the market of car parts. The quality of the classic car restoration is among the best car services available in the Polish market. The guys will help You from the very beginning, searching in the European market and choosing the vintage car to restore. Then You knoow, there begins the hard work... You will follow every stage, even the mechanics will send sometime updated picts of your jewel.

Why us?

Full auto service

  • We are strongly experienced in classic car restoration
  • Current repairs
  • Cash rep air
  • Oil / fluid replacement
  • Roadside assistance 24h
  • Varnishing
  • Auto cosmetics

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Monday - Wednesday: 8:00 - 17:00

Saturday: 08:00 - 13:00

Assistance 24h

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